A brief history


Phone and Tablet Photo by Danielle Teh on Unsplash

San Antonio Vital Records is a Proof of Concept full stack web application designed to stream line the process of apply for and receiving vital records for the City of San Antonio, Texas.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock is a simple game that utilizes JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The User plays against the computer by selecting a choice. The computer randomly generates a choice as well. The two choices are compared and a point is awarded to the winner.

If you are looking for more of my projects, please feel free to visit my GitHub.


Rob Moore TL;DR

I am Rob Moore a current Web Developer. I spent the last few years of my life searching for meaning and my passion. I rediscovered it in Web Development. When I graduated from Virginia State University in 2007 with a BS in Computer Engineering, I was immediately commissioned into the Army as a Logistics Officer. For 10 years, I was taken away from Software Development and I worked in many different industries from the Army, to Airplane Completions, to the Furniture Industry and Third Party Logistics, then in to IT Sales. My life has come full circle and I returned to Software Development. I will graduate from Codeup in San Antonio, TX in April 2019.

Upon graduation from Codeup, I plan to work on a software team with a tribal culture in a company that provides a meaningful service to the public. My experience in other industries gives me an advantage because I bring a vast amount of knowledge of techniques and procedures that affect an entire company.